Why donations are worth?

I've been developing sysPass since year 2010 and my thoughts are that Open Source software allows many people to get this kind of software and use it without any restriction, it gives us the ability to be more free by freely inspecting every line of code and see what it will do, improve it by changing the code, and so many goods that would take long to describe.

For me, it's a hobby, it makes me happy to see that many people found it useful, it helps me to get a higher knowledge about software development (I'm a sysadmin), and so many feelings...

Recently, there were some people that asked about donations. I answered that pay for work in a hobby project isn't my aim, because it puts some pressure about how things are being done, that means (for me): "You need to do some stuff because they're donating some amount"

I took a decision, donations are worth, but not for the software itself, but by the supporting and testing time or the resources that puts online this site, wiki or demo site.

Feel free to donate whatever amount you want and Thank You!!!

Donors List

Name/Alias Amount Date
SuGE3K 88,70€ 2022-06-10
Yury R. 20€ 2022-03-01
Yury R. 20€ 2022-01-27
André M. 1€ 2021-05-24
SuGE3K 20€ 2020-07-30
SuGE3K 25€ 2019-07-21
N.F. 20€ 2019-07-20
I. (DE) 100€ 2019-07-19
T. K. 50€ 2019-05-09
Thomas Windscheif 25€ 2019-04-02
Mario V. 20€ 2018-08-28
Orsiris de Jong 100€ 2018-04-17
Le Goût du Libre 100€ 2018-03-23
Mario V. 5€ 2018-01-06
Anthill Inc. 35€ 2017-04-18
AshHaque 10€ 2017-01-18
Maxim Miroshnichenko 40€ 2016-12-26
Mario W. 100€ 2016-11-24