Intuitive and clean UI

Let sysPass guide through a bunch of features without any knowledge

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Improved for performance

Built on top of HTML5 and PHP technologies to offer a better UX.
No spaghetti code, just developed to be tested and maintainable.


Security matters

AES-256-CTR for a stronger password encryption and RSA to send data securely.
Your data will be safe anywhere you store it.

Free & OSS

Open Source

Forever and ever GPLv3.
Dive into the code audit or improve it, and be confident about how does it behave.

Why sysPass?

It's a powerful web application that provides a password management in a secure and collaborative way.
It features many options in order to make easy and enforce security when sharing passwords across teams, departments or customers, including ACLs, profiles, custom fields, preset values or public links, among many other useful ones.

Configuration is managed through an intuitive web UI and lets you set options like LDAP auth, mail, auditing, backup, import/export, etc. Although you can use the web interface for configuring sysPass, values are stored in XML format, so it's an easy way to modify them without any UI.

sysPass is Free and Open Source, there is no business around it, only the goal to be built with systems management in mind and suitable for business or personal use.


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Made to be simple and stylish using Material Design (by Google).
Several configurable options either global or user's preferences.

Simple | Material Design | Configurable | Mobile

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A fully featured accounts module using ACLs, files or custom fields

Accounts | ACLs

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You could connect sysPass to other apps with confidence, using an extensible API. Items management allows to manage every app item.

API | Management | Preset values | Tags

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Many configuration options including LDAP, Backup or Import/Export features

Configuration | LDAP | Mail | Backup | Import | Export | Audit